Ben the Illustrator

For over a decade Ben the Illustrator has been bringing colour to the world for clients including The NYC Department of Transport, The Guardian and GQ Magazine.  Ben has a very clean, positive outlook which he likes to bring into his work using geometric shapes and fresh colour palettes.

Ben originally worked in the animation industry, after completing a degree in traditional animation, firstly animating and directing music videos for clients including Sony and Channel 4 before forming a small animation and design studio in London.  While his studio was producing animated TV series for CBeebies and online animations for BT, Ben started to work solo as an illustrator and soon found his true passion, becoming ‘Ben the Illustrator’ in 2005.  From the outset Ben was dedicated to creating colourful worlds and always learning new techniques to improve his efficient process and the creativity of his artworks.  Still to this day Ben relishes creating new, colourful graphic environments and pursuing new avenues for his optimistic style.

Ben enjoys bring his artwork to a variety of clients and media, from designing street-signs displayed across New York City to creating animated characters to bring life to groundbreaking new apps.  

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