Bonnie Hofkin

Whether she is drawing a pancreas or a pair of running shoes, Bonnie Hofkin’s artwork is unmistakable. Strongly influenced by the work of the Italian Masters, Hofkin’s work relies heavily on the juxtaposition of form vs. flat or raw vs. finished. The more polished portions of her work capturing and accenting the recognizable and essential elements of her subject contrast with and are complimented by the more unfinished and roughly textured areas.

Hofkin has always had a fascination with the human body and claims her trip to the gym (to study subject matter of course) inspire her to paint dynamic anatomy. Her ability to capture fluidity of movement show obvious traces of Bernini or da Vinci (although the inventive Leonardo would have certainly switched to digital art); Hofkin still prefers pencil and paintbrush. More recently, Hofkin has applied her talent to general illustration retaining her unique style.

Bonnie Hofkin received her bachelor of arts from the University of California at Berkeley and continued her study of illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. With a passion for human anatomy she went on to obtain her Master of Arts in medical illustration from the University of Texas Health Science in Dallas. After several decades freelancing in New York City she now freelances in the San Francisco Bay area.

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