Celebrating Phosphor’s Women

Today, on #InternationalWomensDay, we’re celebrating the talented female illustrators we represent. Each works in an entirely different way from all over the world. Here’s a sample of what they do…


Lionheart by Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn is a collage artist based in Wales. Colour is an important part of her work and her biggest inspiration. She mostly makes cut and paste collages, but works digitally too, and often combines both. Her style has a focus on fashion and nature, with an element of symbolism and surrealism.

See more in her portfolio.


Leela’s Book for Vintage Books by Lynn Hatzius

Lynn Hatzius uses a variety of techniques in her illustrations, ranging from delicate silhouette cut outs to surreal collage. With more than 15 years experience, most of her commissioned work has been in publishing, with a recent turn towards design and packaging.

See more of Lynn’s work in her portfolio.


Poonam creates beautiful, eye-catching illustrations with a focus on pattern, nature and fantasy.

Poonam says: “My style incorporates my love of pattern, worldwide culture and nature with a modern twist. Being brought up surrounded by Indian culture, fabrics, Indian artwork and ornaments have heavily influenced my work. Also folklore tales and stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses have been a rich source of inspiration in a number of my illustrations. My pieces are predominantly hand drawn with alterations made using Photoshop.”

See more of Poonam’s work in her portfolio.


Mandy Millie Flockton specialises in children’s illustration and her work has been published by, among others, Oxford University Press, Usbourne Publishing, Walker Books, Heinemann Publishing, Hallmark, Emap, and WH Smith.

See more of Mandy’s work in her portfolio.


Peg and Pog App by Luella Wright

Luella’s digital illustrations have previously been used to illustrate children’s books, adverts, mobile apps, websites and educational journals. Her experience as a flash animator means that her illustrations are easily brought to life. Luella likes nothing more than to create characters and infuse them with life through animation.

Recently Luella has completed work on Peg and Pog, an immersive app that helps children build early vocabulary and become familiar with the word around them. It teaches kids how to read and say words in multiple languages!

See more of Luella’s work in her portfolio.


Stephanie Wood’s highly detailed nature-inspired illustrations caught our eye at New Designers and we welcomed her into the Phosphor Art family.

Stephanie says: “The majority of my work is based on wildlife and nature; having been inspired through studying in Cornwall. I try to incorporate symmetry and repetitions in my work wherever possible and I enjoy selling my work as t-shirts, bags and prints, as well as incorporating my work into packaging, editorial and publishing designs. I’d say my style is a mixture of modern and traditional media; using pen and pencil to add as much detail as possible before adding colour digitally. My work is particularly pattern heavy, being inspired by Middle Eastern tapestry and patterns that form in nature.”

See more of Steph’s work in her portfolio.


Pisces by Jenny Lloyd

Jenny Lloyd has an interesting and varied portfolio and a passion for contemporary illustration. Her style is modern and accessible, with a fresh, delicate, feminine edge, and takes inspiration from Japanese art prints, art nouveau and the natural world.

Jenny’s artworks are designed and created in Photoshop; her highly developed skills using digital media enable her to be flexible, prolific, and to produce work on deadline for many different purposes, including editorial illustration, book cover design, advertising and greetings card/surface pattern design.

See more of Jenny’s work in her portfolio.


Fiammetta has been working as an illustrator for over 20 years, creating high quality illustrations, mostly focusing on animals and botanicals. She grew up in Florence, Italy and after studying graphic arts and illustration began her career as an illustrator with commissions for magazines. Having worked for clients worldwide,

Fiammetta has a considerable body of work published in many books and magazines, as well as in the advertising world.

See more of Fiammetta’s work in her portfolio.


Whether she is drawing a pancreas or a pair of running shoes, Bonnie Hofkin’s artwork is unmistakable. Strongly influenced by the work of the Italian Masters, Hofkin’s work relies heavily on the juxtaposition of form vs. flat or raw vs. finished. The more polished portions of her work capturing and accenting the recognizable and essential elements of her subject contrast with and are complimented by the more unfinished and roughly textured areas.

Hofkin has always had a fascination with the human body and claims her trip to the gym (to study subject matter of course) inspire her to paint dynamic anatomy. Her ability to capture fluidity of movement show obvious traces of Bernini or da Vinci (although the inventive Leonardo would have certainly switched to digital art); Hofkin still prefers pencil and paintbrush. More recently, Hofkin has applied her talent to general illustration retaining her unique style.

See more of Bonnie’s work in her portfolio.


Linda Clark’s wonderfully evocative pen and watercolour illustrations have brought to life many period children’s books such as Harry’s Battle of Britain, The Lone Flyer – Amy Johnson, Super Scientist series, John Logie Baird and several Sherlock Holmes stories.

She also exhibits her beautiful landscape drawings taken from memories of time spent in Tuscany, and her delightful fruit and still life paintings are widely sought after, while her rapid and stylish magic marker work has won her many fans.

See more of Linda’s work in her portfolio.


Julia’s work has a wonderful lightness of touch and can be joyful and inspirational. She has produce illustrations for clients such as The Arts Council, British Airways, Esso, Dorling Kindersley, Veuve Cliquet, Tatler, The Royal Ballet, Corney and Barrow and many more.

She bravely sketched Marco Pierre White while at work in his kitchen for the book ‘Wild Food from Land and Sea’, and also added richness and style to Rick Steins ‘Fruits of the Sea’.

See more of Julia’s work in her portfolio.

What a talented bunch we represent eh?

A shout out is also due today to our Managing Director Catriona Wydmanski for running the company for more decades than she’d like us to reveal!


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