Flavio (AKA IDRO51) Wants to Paint Your Wall!

Listen Your Nature by Flavio Melchiorre

Listen Your Nature Mural Process

Flavio Melchiorre is an Italian artist who is also known as IDRO51. His distinct style (known as hypnotic art) is heavily inspired by street art, something he’s been interested in for many years. Flavio actually began his career as a graffiti writer back in the early 90s. Since then he’s worked mainly in the fields of advertising and fashion, lending his distinctly colourful and psychedelic style to campaigns across the world.

Flavio in the 90s!

Flavio’s style is eye-catching and recognisable but still very versatile. His previous illustration projects with companies such as PANTONE, Adidas Originals and Citroën show how his work can easily evolve to realise a client’s vision and work within the realms of illustration, typography, pattern design and street art seamlessly.

Mural by Flavio Melchiorre

Recent work for The Fine Art Collective Italy

Recently, Flavio’s been reigniting his love for street art, painting walls across Europe with his signature hypnotic art. Flavio finds inspiration in his own life experiences, in people he meets and the places he’s visited. He brings his art to life, combining free-hand drawings with chromatic and iconographic effects, reaching unique results.


Mural and Live Painting for Pantone in Miami Art Basel

Always seeking new experiences and new walls to paint, Flavio would love to work on some more mural work and is particularly interested in creating a mural in Phosphor’s hometown of London. If you’ve got a blank wall that needs a splash of colour we know just the guy to do it….

In Other Worlds by Flavio Melchiorre

You can see more of Flavio’s colourful work in his portfolio


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