Laura Redburn for What Olivia Did

What Olivia Did by Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn was recently asked to create some pieces of work for Liv Purvis’ blog What Olivia Did, which was having a redesign. Having previously worked on a collage portrait of Liv, Laura knew her style well and was thrilled to be asked to create two new pieces for the new look site.

What Olivia Did by Laura Redburn

The brief was simple – one portrait collage for the front page of the website, and one collage for the About page – Liv wanted something with a collaged look to it, with inspiration taken from photobooths, and a focus on some of her favourite things such as travel and red lipstick. She wanted something quite feminine, but not overly “girly”, with a pastel colour palette. Laura had the idea to include some of Liv’s own handwriting, which gives it a personal touch! Overall, we’re pretty smitten with these pieces of work, and it seems like Liv is too! Her website relaunch was so popular on the first weekend that her website kept crashing.

You can see more of Laura’s work (like this older piece for Liv Purvis) in her portfolio.


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