Mardo El-Noor re-imagines Tom Scott’s cartoons

Digital artist Mardo El-Noor recently took part in an exciting exhibition with award-winning editorial cartoonist Tom Scott. The exhibition featured 8 large-scale digital paintings of Tom’s cartoons, the oldest of which was from 1988. The original cartoons were black and white felt-tip illustrations, on yellowing, coffee-stained paper and were all based on our impact on the environment.

Mardo’s taken Tom’s scrawlings and transformed them into colourful and highly details digital works of art. The exhibition Tom Scott Cartoon re-WORKS was an exploration of synergy between two very different artists and two very different media and was held at 30upstairs Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand.

You can see more from Mardo in his design and typography portfolio and hisMART/AN STUDIO portfolio on our website.

God - Tom Scott project by MART:AN STUDIO (Mardo El-Noor)

Spaceship - Tom Scott project by MART:AN STUDIO (Mardo El-Noor)

Museum - Tom Scott project by MART:AN STUDIO (Mardo El-Noor)

Evolution - Tom Scott project by MART:AN STUDIO (Mardo El-Noor)

To see more of Mardo’s photo-illustration work, see his MART/AN STUDIO portfolio.

To see Mardo’s design and typohraphic work head to his portfolio or check out his motion graphics portfolio.


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