MART/AN (martian) produces high-end, exclusive photo-illustrative artworks of subjects & objects in elaborate & stylised scenes that tell dramatic or comical stories in a single frame.

Mart/an’s highly complex, visually immersive, & masterfully crafted artworks have a sole purpose: to tell a story. The visual treatment is hyperreal, slick, & often depicting colourful & intricate tableaux vivants, which blur the boundaries between the photographic and the illustrative.

After closely inspecting Mart/an’s body of work, you realise how they shamelessly borrow from an array of schools & disciplines in art: From pop surrealism & staged photography, to portraiture & classical art. There is simply something for everyone!

We're an artists & illustrators agents in London commissioning work from our talent in the UK, Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australasia.


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