Meet the Artist Daniel Morgenstern

This month we spoke to talented collage artist Daniel Morgenstern about his techniques on and off screen…

Please tell us about how you create your artwork. What is the process and what tools do you use?

My paper portraits are created from recycled paper (discarded billboard posters, carrier bags, wrapping paper). I cut the paper with shears, Finished portraits are scanned, retouched and emailed to clients. I also work digitally and can create a “paper portrait” completely digitally, however the fun of cutting the paper (and cleaning the mess when done) gets lost. I prefer creating an “original” which then becomes a digital file.

Bill Murray by Daniel Morgenstern

What are your main sources of inspiration?

When I was younger I looked around me and was inspired by many things (history of art, rhythm in music, sunsets and colours I saw during Reiki treatments). Nowadays I look inwards and attempt to respond to what is in front of me, based on my own experiences.

Mishael Cheshin by Daniel Morgenstern

 How did you get into illustration?

In the early 90s, The Sunday Times started a new supplement – their TV section (later renamed The Culture). They were using portrait illustrations. I called and went with a few of my favourite portraits. I contributed weekly for nearly a decade.

Chris by Daniel Morgenstern

 What are you currently working on?

The profile series continues (see animation at the top of the page) – I have recently done another set of portraits for yet another series.

Mandy Rice Davies by Daniel Morgenstern

What advice would you give to aspiring illustrators?

Diversify and persevere.

Zhang Hongjie by Daniel Morgenstern

See Daniel’s full portfolio¬†HERE.



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