New York Skyline Collage by Laura Redburn

Recently Laura was asked to create a collage for curioos’s NYC skyline series. Laura revelled in the challenge and immediately had an image flash into my head of a woman dominating the skyline and a composition that was quite minimal and slightly fashion based. She quickly got making, for fear of the image disappearing from her brain and found she needed to experiment a little further – not always a bad thing!

NYC Skyline by Laura Redburn

The initial image looked a little flatter, so Laura introduced the gradient to give the sky the look of a soft sunset, and made the yellow a bit warmer. That alone really bought the image to life, but Laura felt it still needed ‘elevating’ so she brought a few of the circles from the skyline up into the negative sky space and that really seemed to do the trick.


If you like this image enough to have it in your home (or want to give it as a gift to someone else) you can only buy from curioos, as this was made especially for their NYC skylines collection. You can get it as an aluminum print, a fine art print or even acrylic glass.


If you’re interested in buying one of Laura’s other pieces, you can also find plenty of her other works at curioos and as always take a look at her full portfolio here!


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