Our new recruit Jamie Bradford

Jamie Bradford - Fun Photo

How I got into illustration:

I knew since I studied fine art and product design in school that I was going to pursue a design-based career. However I was still unsure of which path to take when I started college, and it was here that I got a taster for all the different avenues of art and design I could go down. I went down the illustration route, studying for 3 years at Plymouth University, as I found it the most enjoyable and rewarding subject.

The idea behind one of my images:

‘Influence/Hand drawn’
This is perhaps one of my favourite images I have created. The idea behind it is to illustrate ‘biomimicry’ (The examination of nature/natural processes and the application of this to man-made design). I wanted to show the examination of nature in quite a scientific way; I visited museums to see how they displayed animal/nature collections and took inspiration from these. I also drew a lot of inspiration from technical drawings for this piece, looking at a lot of blueprint drawings.

Influence / Hand drawn

How I developed into my style:

I only really settled into the style that I’m working in now in the last year of university. The first year for me was a bit of a struggle applying a style that worked, so as a result I spent most of the first and second year experimenting with media outside my comfort zone to identify what my strengths were. I tried everything from screen-printing to mono printing to digital painting. This benefitted me massively, as by the time the final year came around I knew I was strongest with graphite pencil, I then combined this with the digital skills I had learned to create the style I use today.

My Inspirations:

I am always taking inspiration from other artists to further develop my own practice; I feel artists such as Arthur Rackham and M.C. Escher inspired a lot of my work. I also cherish great portrait artists such as Chuck Close, as I have a love for realism in art. Some illustrators that inspire me include Eric Fan, Terry Fan and Alice X. Zhang.


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