Pastiche Pastiche

Conceived in the back bar of a Soho Pub. A bastard child of the drunken union of a desperately unsatisfied Art Director and an understanding Artists Agent. I need a Chagall and I need it quick!

Pastiche matured very quickly in his artistic Soho surroundings. He studied for years at the French School (Soho Branch), with such luminaries as Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud. His route to fame was however on a different path.

So, you want Rembrandt’s ‘Christ on the Sea of Galilee’… By Thursday… Instead of Christ you want Meerkats… Mmm… Tricky one… What time on Thursday? Simples!

“I want a giant panda, called Vinnie… He’s riding a thoroughbred horse… In the style of George Stubbs… With background… Is Monday okay?”

“Any chance of a Leonardo by Tuesday?”

Early in his career he was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. Zoot Alors! Vincent! Diagnosis… Incurable.

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