Darren Whittington moves into mobile

Smartphones are sexy and how they can work for brands is mega. However, for many of us, the finer points of mobile engagement platforms are a sure-fire cure for insomnia. So when Synapta wanted to launch their, er, mobile engagement platform they devised a strapline which summed up the way things are moving: ‘Life happens on mobile’.

Then illustrator Darren Whittington brought the whole thing to life, illustrating how organisations could make their relationships with customers work on the move.

He not only created charming Gif animations and illustrations, Darren also came up with a new brand marque, a distinctive font and new and very human brand language which humanised a data-driven offering at synapta.co.uk. Now, mobile engagement platforms are, quite literally, where it’s at.

Click the image below to view the animated gif:

See more of Darren Whittington’s work here…


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