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Phosphor welcomes Mikko Umi

We’re pleased to introduce you to Mikko Umi, a French artist living in Malo-les-Bains (Dunkirk beach).

Mikko was a graffiti artist in the 90s and reinvented himself as a freelance graphic designer in 2003. He offers illustrations and playful murals. Mikko works on all types of projects, ranging from city maps to biodiversity, industry and architecture. Colour plays an important role in his work, as you can see below…


We are Colourful by Mikko Umi

Vegan by Mikko Umi

Palo Alto by Mikko Umi

Sailing Bike by Mikko Umi

Glyphosate by Mikko Umi


See more of Mikko’s work in his portfolio.