Chris studied illustration BA and MA (1st and Distinction) in Falmouth (Cornwall, UK), where he imagined he would remain...BUT he met a lovely Norwegian girl and has now been living in southern Norway for nearly eleven years. He has created illustrations (and some animation) for publishing and advertising clients in the UK, USA and Norway...including Penguin, Boots, BBC, Pepsico and Cappelen Damm.
Telling stories has always been an integral part of Chris's image making. This informs his commissioned work as well as resulting in a growing number of small press illustrated books and comics, most recently using silk screen printing as a method of reproduction at the fjord side garden print studio where he is a member.
A real, inky brush continues to be his preferred image making starting point, eventually being funnelled into a computer for compositing and colour, before eventual screen, digital print or separations for multi coloured silk screen output.
When not telling stories with drawings he swims outside, all year round as often as possible, cuddles his three cats, grows vegetables and marvels at trees.