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Phosphor Welcomes Jhon Boy

Jhon Boy is the alias of Jorge Gallardo, a visual artist from Tenerife, who we’re pleased to now be representing.
Jhon Boy tries to understand reality through his work, while creating a dialogue between image and viewer.The style of his works is minimalist and clean and the most important part of Jhon Boy’s process is the concept he can transmit with each scene.
“I have always been fascinated with images, the impact they make in our lives is absolutely punishing. I prefer to create some kind scenes and exchange a dialogue between the image and the viewer, reducing everything to human values. On the other hand, my work can be understood in a lot of different ways, I prefer to let people think or see whatever they want to.”
WALLET by Jhon Boy
GUNSHOT by Jhon Boy
BOXING by Jhon Boy
MURAL by Jhon Boy
Click here to go to Jhon Boy’s portfolio

Phosphor Welcomes Beatrice Simpkiss

We’re proud to now be representing Beatrice Simpkiss, an illustrator based in Hackney, London.

A recent graduate from Arts University Bournemouth with a first class degree in Illustration, Beatrice was awarded ‘One of the Illustration Graduates to Watch’ in the D&AD New Blood Festival 2020.

Beatrice is inspired by creating bold, colourful and chaotic illustrations which are full of texture and fun characters. Although using the app Procreate for the iPad Pro, Beatrice endeavours to create images that look hand rendered and collage-like.

Beatrice loves creating illustrations that work for a variety of purposes, spanning from children’s books to advertising. She enjoys creating work full of fun characters and basically anything with bright colour!


Eden Project by Beatrice Simpkiss

Jemaa el-Fnaa Spread by Beatrice Simpkiss

D&AD Buisness Article by Beatrice Simpkiss

Take a look at Beatrice’s portfolio to find more of her colourful work

Phosphor welcomes Mikko Umi

We’re pleased to introduce you to Mikko Umi, a French artist living in Malo-les-Bains (Dunkirk beach).

Mikko was a graffiti artist in the 90s and reinvented himself as a freelance graphic designer in 2003. He offers illustrations and playful murals. Mikko works on all types of projects, ranging from city maps to biodiversity, industry and architecture. Colour plays an important role in his work, as you can see below…


We are Colourful by Mikko Umi

Vegan by Mikko Umi

Palo Alto by Mikko Umi

Sailing Bike by Mikko Umi

Glyphosate by Mikko Umi


See more of Mikko’s work in his portfolio.

Phosphor welcomes Iris de Luz

We’re pleased to introduce you to our latest signing – Iris de Luz.

Iris de Luz in her studio


Iris specialises in digital collage and is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Looking at her work is like stepping into a dream world…



Turtle by Iris de Luz

Music by Iris de Luz

Moth by Iris de Luz



Find more of Iris’ work in her portfolio