Hani is an illustrator and visual artist based in North East London.
In awe of science and religion, obsessed with comic books and print-making, and with a misspent youth comprised of skateboarding and being in rubbish bands, Hani’s work cleverly frames pattern, iconic symbol and figurative imagery that results in seductive scenes and portraits that are serious in content and pleasing to the eye.
Hani graduated from art school with a first class honours degree in graphic design and continued to work professionally within the design industry for five years. However, after a lightning bolt moment Hani came to realise that he would rather be making pictures instead of commissioning them and made the decision to go back to art school to undertake an MA in illustration at the London College of Communication, where he gained another first class honours degree.
Currently Hani is a freelance illustrator and visiting lecturer, in illustration and design, at the University of East London.