Marc Torrent is an illustrator based between London and Barcelona. He studied at the prestigious Escola Massana Art School and is one of the founders of Editorial Garabattage, a project of independent publishing on illustration, during the first decade of 2000. At present he is one of the founders of L’Automàtica, an old letterpress/litho printshop in Barcelona (a non-profit association project) and is also the co-editor of Munt, a little publication dedicated to sound artists and graphic design. Marc works with a number of different techniques and materials but his sense of humour always shines through in his often surrealist illustrations.
Marc has won several awards and nominations, most recently Best Fiction Children’s Book at Junceda Illustration Awards 2014 (Spain) and was shortlisted at Jonathan Cape/The Observer/Comica Short Story Prize 2014 (UK).
Marc says: “I’m in illustration for my devotion to storytelling. Drawing for over ten years and my passion for graphic communication have led me to appreciate other fields such as graphic design and animation. Since I’ve been a member of L’Automàtica I’ve fallen in love with the printing process, changed my views and acquired new skills to improve my projects”.