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b-m-f by featured artist Brian McIntyre
Pastiche painting by featured artist Pastiche Pastiche
AAF by featured artist Anxo Amarelle
l-h-f by featured artist Lynn Hatzius
j-l-f by featured artist Jonathan Leach
mardo-featured by featured artist Mardo El-Noor
jrf by featured artist Jon Rogers

We're an artists & illustrators agents in London commissioning work from our talent in the UK, Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australasia.

Cheating by Mardo El-Noor


Words of Wisdom from Mardo El-Noor

This month we are pleased to introduce you to Mardo El-Noor, our latest artist. Mardo creates beautiful digital typography and fantastic photo-illustrations. We love his witty typographic …


mardo 2

Meet the artist

Meet the Artist Mardo El-Noor

We are very pleased to introduce you to our latest Phoshor Artist: Mardo El-Noor.¬†Originally from the Middle East, Mardo is a German-born Kiwi artist with a …


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